Online tools and
learning for niche areas

Business success in today’s technology-reliant world depends on having the right tools to hand even where companies may not reasonably expect to have those capabilities in-house.

This is particularly true of the Financial Services Industry where having access to accurate research and technical knowledge is paramount, and ongoing-training is required.

knowIT group is a software and software-related company that specialises in delivering online tools and learning across niche areas relevant to the Financial Services industry and related professions.

It offers access to services that may not be core to a company’s product or service brand or value proposition but are needed to give clients the best possible service in a legally compliant and competitive way.

In deciding which opportunities to include in its mix, knowIT group acquires products and services which can be:

  • Upgraded to next-generation software, making them more user-friendly.
  • Distributed more cost-effectively and widely into its existing markets.
  • Added seamlessly to its hub of existing specialist tools to increase its appeal to each new market.
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